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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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jump as i was speaking to her on the phone, she said oh, [ bleep ] and that was the last thing i heard from her. >> a mother of five killed by an out of control delivery truck. tonight witnesses are describing the terrifying moments before that big rig jumped the curb. first, a man arrested for murdering a toddler. a little
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to be taken care of. we have breaking details coming in to the news room. good evening. i'm david novarro in for bill. >> that man arrested in uniondale. josh einiger is in mineola with the breaking news. >> this is the building where the suspect is spending the night in a cell, facing a charge of second degree murder. let's show you the mugshot of 26-year-old lord pardo. he is allegedly the boyfriend of the victim's mother. the victim identified as 19 month old mason robinson. according to a source close to the investigation, pardo had been watching the little boy yesterday two days ago for the mother of the baby as she was at work. at some
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his girlfriend and said that mason had developed difficulty breathing. the mother asked pardo to drive mason to her. by the time he arrived at her location, the boy was either in very bad shape or possibly had already passed away. they then rushed him to siasset hospital, the nearest hospital where they were at that point where doctors toddler's life. it wasn't till today during an autopsy that the medical examiner discovered significant damage to the child's internal organs, damage that could be consistent with the child having been either beaten or dropped. the medical examiner ruled this case a homicide and homicide detectives took mr. pardo in to custody, charging him with second degree murder. we are expecting new information on this very disturbing case during a media briefing tomorrow here at the nassau police headquarters as lord pardo heads to hempstead for his first appearance before
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a judge in this very, very different case. we'll continue to follow it overnight, the very latest in the morning. live in mineola, long island, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. following other breaking news, murder charges for the suspicious deaths of a mother and her 4-year-old son in new jersey. police have just issued an arrest warrant for 26-year-old jose ronald santos alvarez. police say he was the estranged boyfriend of monika potoczniak and the mother of 4-year-old christopher who were found dead in an apartment in jersey city last wednesday. new at 11:00, we're learning more about a deadly accident in the bronx that ended the life of a mother of five children. it happened on east 138th street. the accident left a half dozen others injured. jim dolan spoke to the victim's grieving husband tonight joins us from the scene tonight with more. >> the stop for the bx33 is right here this afternoon about
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3:30, there were several people waiting for it, looking for the bus in that direction. but the truck came from this direction. they had no warning. it jumped the curb. it hit them and slammed in to some scaffolding and that building over there killing the mother of five children. >> reporter: they had to dismantle what was left of the mangled scaffolding tonight and a tow truck operator took away the truck with its shattered windshield, one wheel dangling over the edge of an exposed basement. after the driver lost control and jumped the curb at a bus stop, injuring six, and killing a mother of five. >> if anybody was at fault for taking her life, they need to serve their time. i'm not trying to be mean but i feel this is a mother who still hasn't finished raising her kids yet. >> family members held one another tonight at the scene.
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shaniqua silva had five children. she was standing at the bus stop talking with her husband on her cell phone. >> she was talking to me on the phone today as i was speaking to her, she said oh, [ bleep ] and that was the last thing i heard from her. i thought somebody snatched her phone away or something but no. >> people standing at the bus stop, you see them all running out the way. she didn't have time to run. all you see was the truck looming. when it hit her, it hit her hard. >> reporter: witnesses gave varying accounts of what happened. some said this vehicle was avoiding a motorcycle and hit the truck. >> you hear the brake but rammed right in to the wall. hit the lady. >> it's scary. it was. i was shaking. i was hollering and screaming for help. somebody help, help, call the ambulance, call somebody. >> it was a chaotic zeen. no charges tonight against the driver of that truck. the theory police are going on is that the driver of that suv
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tried to make a right hand turn from the wrong lane. the driver of the truck swerved to avoid a collision and lost control of reporting live from the port morris section of the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. tomorrow a woman accused of trying to kidnap a teenager in connecticut will face a judge. towanna randall is expected to be arraigned in bridgeport on a string of charges. video from last week in bridgeport shows a 17-year-old girl jumping from a car's passenger door and rolling on the ground. police say randall offered her a ride and tried to abduct the girl. new at 11:00, nypd officers rush in to a burning building to flames. five officers, all injured for their heroism as police question a man in connection with the fire. lucy yang joining us from the scene with the details. >> five police officers had to
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today after a dramatic house rescue at this house fire behind me. thankfully all the injuries are said to be minor but tonight both police and fire are investigationing. -- investigating. >> work ers are busy boarding this up after intense flames gutted the building. >> i saw a cop here push the air conditioning in and all the smoke came out of the house. then he went in, dove in and rescued somebody. >> reporter: we're told police were called to the house this afternoon for a possible robbery. when they arrived, they found smoke and flames and victims trapped inside. officials say they did not wait for the fire department as officers immediately began rescuing the residents, including an older man in a wheelchair. >> he was laying on the ground and fire department started to work on him, cpr with his chest, and i think they revived him obviously and got in to a wheelchair about 20 minutes
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>> i think he had paralysis or a stroke at some time. i'm glad nobody got hurt. that's the important thing. >> reporter: neighbors say the older man lived here with his nephew and two other men rented another room. they are now investigating what triggered the blaze. >> the cause is suspicious. it's under investigation and we don't really know right now. >> the nephew of the man came out on his own with the police officer. they had a little bit of an argument. >> we're told one man is in custody tonight. we're awaiting details on that. meanwhile, the older man was brought back to his house a short while ago. he was very distraught. he said he wanted to look for his cats and his wallet, only to be told he cannot go back inside. we're live in astoria, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, lucy.
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midair scare for passengers onboard a jetblue flight bound for kennedy airport. the plane was forced to return to syracuse airport after a burning smell. not clear what caused the odor but investigators say they detected was hurt. a search tonight for a gunman who shot three people outside of a nightclub in mother. the shooting happened outside the club motivo in the flatiron district. police say the shooter was targeting a bouncer who had thrown him out of the club. instead innocent bystanders were shot including 24-year-old walikque faussette. she leaves behind a child. >> you just destroyed an entire family. >> witnesses say as the suspect was being escorted out of the
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club for fighting, he threaten today go to his car and -- threatened to go to his car and get a gun. he got away in a black bmw. a guilty verdict for an american news reporter accused for being an american spy. jason was serving as the washington post bureau chief. the newspaper says it's working with his family. he's only had contact through the outside and mother. >> they've not been able to. she's not able to speak to the press. so i'm here speaking for both of them. prison. now to the mets-dodgers game. and what a night at citifield. the controversy, the drama, and despite it all, the mets showed they will not be undeterred.
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on everyone's mind, how would that infamous slide by chase utley impact the game and how would fans react? sports anchor rob powers covering all the drama for us. he's in the news room. fans could not be happier tonight. >> i think we know how they reacted. if baseball playoffs played at a fever pitch, what the heck would we call what went on tonight at citifield? a game even casual fans have interest in after ruben tejada had his leg snapped by a chase utley slide. citifield practically has its own pulse tonight. >> chase utley. [ booing ] >> joining us, number 11, infielder, ruben tejada. [ cheers and applause ] >> how about that. it's 10-3 mets right now, 7th inning. d'arnaud, granderson, cespedes the offensive hero. the winner tonight will take a two games to one lead in the series. this is the best of five series.
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we've got another update coming up in sports. we'll join laura behnke live at the ballpark. huge night as playoff baseball comes back to queens. still to come, dash cam video captures a car going end over end. this crash could have been a whole lot worse. why police say they know what caused this driver to lose control. >> broadcasting live behind the wheel. wait till you see what this woman was doing on social media that got her arrested. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. weather got better and better through the weekend, warmest day of the week. now we've god -- got a storm to our south and west. showers in the accuweather forecast.
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geico motorcycle,
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in the race for president, the stage is set tonight. candidates will take to this stage tomorrow night in las vegas. front runner hillary clinton has already arrived in the city of lights. we know her main challenger, vermont senator bernie sanders will be there alongside martin o'malley, jim webb, and lincoln chafee. what we don't know, will vice president joe biden be participating? members of the media have camped out all day outside the vice president's home in delaware anticipating an announcement. either way organizers are prepared. this extra podium ready in case vice president biden shows up. new tonight, one of the dumbest decisions a person can make, and it was broadcast live for the entire world to see. police in florida tracked down an alleged drunk driver as she was posting a live video stream.
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two people who followed the 23-year-old woman on the mobile app periscope called police. they were able to use landmarks in the video to track her down. >> we're like, what is periscope? luckily one of our other officers was able to figure it out and that helped us in getting her off the street. i got to tell you, i was in a little shock. after 30 years in law enforcement i haven't seen anything like this before. >> she was arrested on the spot. fortunately she did not hit anything and no one was hurt. >> a real head shaker in that one. meanwhile, italian-american pride was on full display today for the 71st annual columbus day parade. the parade stepped off this morning and trailed along fifth avenue from 44th to 72nd streets. thousands of marchers. some estimates put the number of spectators at a million people. big honor today for our good friend kelly ripa. the
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cohost received a star along the kelly's star just happened to be right next to regis philbin's. first cohost on live. >> to get to work with him was like a pinch me, dream come true moment, and to have my star next to his is surreal. and i said to michael strahan, i said i'm this is your spot. that way i can be sandwiches in between my two tv husbands. >> kelly was joined by her real husband, actor mark consuelos and their children. this season marks her 15th year on "live." a big congratulations from all of us here. >> beautiful family. congratulations, kelly. so well deserved. it was so nice seeing people out eating elfresco tonight in october. >> i know, just bonus. this is the warmest day of the week. tomorrow night will still be comfortable. we're going to get chill in the forecast. hopefully it doesn't end our warm pattern overall.
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outside where the empire state building in red, white, and green for columbus day. beautiful one it was especially for the parade. 63 right now. light south wind and still mainly clear in most spots. 12 degrees above average. right now close to our normal daytime high in the low and middle 60s. there are your sunrise and sunset times for a mostly cloudy tuesday. clouds are collecting overnight. i think there can be late night showers over suffolk county, then they'll move away and the showers could be about anywhere from late morning to early evening, although they'll be scattered. just clouds and a few showers. great fall weather, middle of the week. november preview this weekend. definitely chill we haven't seen in a while. these numbers we won't see in a while. temperatures in the upper 70s today. it's still pretty clear across parts of western new jersey, 48 in morristown. there's still a bit of a chill well north and west tonight and also some patchy fog tomorrow morning. clouds thick ening in a hurry off to the east and temperatures will hold steady rest of the night.
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partly to mostly cloudy. if there are showers around it's in the east end. from late morning to early evening, a couple rounds of showers. the bulk of the town it's not raining. breaks of sun. enough so that we actually get in to the low and middle 70s. for the mets game my only concern is maybe a 20% shot of a shower just leaving the scene as the beginning of game 4 happens. 66 should do it for first pitch. radar and satellite are mainly you see the system off to our east right here. this low skirting east of cape cod. later we're on the eastern long island. then the this one has to slow down. almost like being in a traffic light, has to wait for that one to go by. that will hold off these showers till late morning then through the afternoon hours, could be a passing shower. it's the first of several clipper systems coming in, knocking our highs down the rest of the week. 60s midweek and even low 60s later in the week. and you can see canada. a piece of that will
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come in for the upcoming weekend. futurecast showing showers early tomorrow morning. widely scattered showers from late morning in to the early evening hours. maybe a shower leaving flushing around 7:00 or 8:00 at night. then we clear out. couple showers around tomorrow. 74 degrees. wednesday looks beautiful . a lit on the breezy side. 68 degrees. then as we head to the upcoming weekend we have to watch out for our first real jolt of chilly air. feels like it's in the 40s over the weekend. 61 at 7 a.m. a lot of clouds around but a few breaks as well and a spotty shower eastern long island. 74 tomorrow. a shower or two from midday on in to the early evening hours then we'll turn partly cloudy. your 7-day shows a great looking wednesday in the thursday. another round of showers north and west friday then the weekend it's a lot chillier. snow showers. not in the tri-state area. areas. >> oh, yeah, it's that chilly. >> say goodbye to el fresco dieting. coming up next, why your nightly glass of wine could help
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plus, dash cam video catches a
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and tonight police say non-profits ghi and hip, now called emblemhealth, have been connecting my family with a world class network of doctors for over 50 years. who's caring for you?
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caught on camera, a stunning accident being blamed on distracted driving. during a traffic stop in utah, troopers dash cam captured the moment another vehicle passing by lost control and rolled over several times.
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investigators say the driver who survived the crash was on a cell phone and had drifted on to the shoulder there. she looked up they say just in time to avoid hitting the trooper. in tonight's health alert, red wine may hold the key to keeping diabetes under control. as researchers followed more than 200 people with type 2 diabetes found a glass of red wine every day improved sugar control and lowered bad cholesterol. scientists also say the wine helped to modestly decrease participants' risk of heart disease or stroke. a new study tonight challenging the long held belief that sitting is worse for your health than standing. researchers in london followed more than 5,000 people over a 16-year period and found any stationary posture where energy expenditure is lowered may be detrimental to your health. that means sitting or standing. they recommend getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day.
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over in citifield today. >> standing room only. fun game. mets and dodgers square off one more time. we'll see where the series stands now. we'll get you caught up on the rest of the baseball playoffs. straight ahead you'll be up to date with who else is playing and winning. plus on ice the islanders with a matinee in brooklyn.
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see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. 1 i really think i could hear the cheers from citifield right here in manhattan. >> feel the vibration. >> feel something going on. >> it had its own pulse. what time is it, by the way? like 4:00? i look over to my left. the winner goes up two games to one. mets and dodgers and their division series, dominated by chase utley's slide, ruben tejada's broken leg and mets
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they got is game 3 and it's 10-4, 7th inning. d'arnaud and cespedes with a home run. the fans with a chant "we want utley." game 4 tomorrow night in citifield. mets trying to get this one in the win column before then. let's get you to the site, laura behnke with more. >> a lot can happen in playoff baseball but it seems somewhat safe to say the mets are about to take control of this series and tomorrow we'll have a chance to knock out the dodgers and advance to the nlcs. they'll hand the ball for that to a rookie, long island native steven matz in the biggest game of his life. he'll face clayton kershaw. no pressure. >> post season baseball is where you want to be. i'm not really looking at this as a fan. kind of taking the emotions out of it. we've got a job to do. >> we just feel like he's that
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or up 2-1, we feel like he's the right guy. >> as great as kershaw has been in the regular season, he struggled in the postseason. tomorrow he goes on short rest. pitching just four days after his game 1 loss in los angeles. we're live at citifield, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. let's get to the other baseball playoff games now. blue jays beat the rangers 8-4. game 5, toronto, wednesday night. in houston, the astros and royals play game 4. rookie shortstop carlos correa. he also did this, a huge error in the 8th inning. tied the game. royals would score five runs in the frame. defending american league champs are still alive. 9-6 kc. series heads back to kansas city. that game also on wednesday. we move to chicago where the cubs haven't won a playoff game since 2003. the wind must have been blowing at wrigley field because the baseballs kept flying. eight home runs in the game. all together the cubs outlast the cards 8-6 the final
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score. chicago leads that series 2-1. let's get to the garden. knicks nba preseason rolls on. they hosted philadelphia tonight. 22 minutes on the floor for carmelo anthony and the knee looks good. scored 18 points. the knicks were in front. derrick williams would lead the way in the scoring department with 21. knicks win 94-88 at the garden. we're getting closer opening night on the 28th. nets will host the celtics wednesday. today was hockey. the islanders get another crack at a win. john tavares, second goal of the young season. isles win it 4-2. that's their first win of the year.
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that's the news for now. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm liz cho. jimmy kimmel live is coming up next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great night.


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